We are on a mission. Our aim is to bring plant education, terrarium making and a DIY spirit to everyone. We know the joy of making our first terrarium and we see it in our students all the time. Whether a 5 pax or 30 pax class, we think long and hard about how to provide the most fulfilling and instructive terrarium building experience.

Beyond workshops, we are almost a school. Come once or dive deep, it’s up to you, but we’re here to help your terrarium immersion with student and teacher courses and 20% discounts for returning students on workshops and selected items.

Our own physical space. Ohsum Mossum HQ is a specialized workshop venue where terrarium dreams come true. Students choose from a wide range of materials and plants in our stash, and can use the space for their terrarium projects at nominal cost.

Testimonials. See what nice things our students are saying about us.

Now everyone can plant. We offer a range of workshops across all price points from RM15 to RM150 and above.

Sowing seeds. Community is important. We are nurturing budding terrarium makers in Malaysia. Join the Me Keep Moss Club, connect and share your terrarium love.

Living thoughtfully. We live our values of sustainable growth, community-centric entrepreneurship and grassroots initiatives towards positive social change. Our upcycling workshops and no packaging policy are steps towards reducing detrimental human impact on the environment.