terrarium on the hill

We aim to foster interest in plants and terrariums through fun educational experiences. All our workshops emphasize 3 important aspects of terrarium making.

  • Plant. An understanding of the plants used, their character, how to work with them.
  • Design. Aesthetic considerations including container shape and size, plant and feature placement, styling, landscaping, best design practices.
  • Care. Plant needs and keeping the miniature garden healthy over time.


The Ohsum Mossum studio space

Our beginner-friendly workshops cover most common types of terrariums and plants.

  • Closed jar workshops use moss, small tropical plants and aquatic plants in a range of closed jars and cases.
  • Open jar workshops use succulents, cacti, air plants, lichen and small tropical plants in a range of open jars and cases.
  • Masterclass workshops are special projects that are extra interesting and challenging, but still easy enough for beginners.

Public workshops are held weekends at our workshop space or around KL either in pre-registration or walk-in format. Check our calendar to join us. When experienced, returning students can use our space and materials for their terrarium projects paying only for jars and materials.


Our repot card

Making one terrarium is fun but making more is funner. Take your terrarium love beyond a one-off experience and dive deeper with our student course, covering a variety of terrarium types and special projects. Returning students get 20% off workshop fees.

  • Student course requires completion of 1 closed jar, 1 open jar and 1 masterclass workshop.

After completing the student course, make more terrariums and become a teacher.

  • Teacher course requires completion of student course, making 2 additional closed jars, 2 additional open jars and 2 additional masterclass category terrariums either at our workshops or independently, plus attending a teacher training class.

Terrarium teachers can work with us to teach workshops and spread some terrarium love.

Team building class at client office